27th April 2020 - By Holly Teasdale

Yes, you've read that correctly. But, you’re still wondering how you can grow your business online with only ONE easy way. It’s pretty simple, really; to grow your online business you need to make yourself visible - and we can help you out here at Velapex.


To make things easier for you, Velapex is launching an ‘Online Starter Kit.’ When you're trying to grow your business, you can't afford to waste money in the process. This is why, with our new accessible package, we're helping you grow your business online.


One of the best ways you can kick start growing your presence online is through our Online Starter Kit. This kit includes all of the basic necessities for expanding your business. But, what are the basic necessities to help you reach a wider audience online? Here's the answer; the features of our package!

Our Online Starter Kit’s features:


A Website.


This feature is the most key feature. It's where potential customers and other associates can find and contact you. Websites provide companies with their own exclusive online identity. However, according to website-based data released by The SCORE Association (SCORE), only 51% of small businesses have online services, despite 97% of consumers seeking services online. We are offering a brochure website (which includes; a homepage with a slideshow, contact details and contact form, social media links, and information about your company).


Personalised Domain.


Your domain is the address of your website, typically used as your company’s name or a popular phrase your company references. A customised domain allows you to appear more professional to viewers, making it easier for your online visitors to be comfortable in trusting your business.


Custom Emails.


Our package includes 2 free personalised emails for your business, with the availability to purchase more (please contact the team via our forum for more details, if this is relevant to you). But, why does a custom email matter? Not only does it make you look professional, but it's also a perfect way to advertise your company brand name. It's one of the most important features for your company to make it exclusive.


Web Hosting.


Publishing your website on the internet attracts potential customers, especially when they see a well-built website. Our websites are available on all search engines and major platforms. They are secure as they can be, with a 256-bit DigiCert SSL encryption as our standard so you don’t need to worry about the safety of your website and your data. Our websites utilise the best SSDs offering super-fast speeds, backups and unlimited traffic for your website - meaning that you can get as many visitors to your website as you want without worrying about performance problems. Our Online Starter Kit web hosting package can also be upgraded for even more domains and email accounts. If this is relevant to you please click here to view our availability and enquire.


SEO and Analytics Reports.


Understanding the analytics and quality of your website is a big move in improving your ranking in search engines such as Google. Not only does it help you keep track of how many engagements your website has made, but it also lets you understand your visitors' experience - for example, how long they have spent on the website or the most common click paths users follow. This tool is critical as it helps to draw more traffic to your website, which eventually has the ability to boost your website to the top of the search engines by tweaking parts of your website’s technical features. This will help to push your website to the top above your competitors - this is where we come in.


Google My Business.


Having a Google My Business listing allows Google to recognise your business as being trusted, and legit - this means it is more likely to appear in Google searches more than places that don’t utilise this. So, let’s say, a potential customer is looking for a phone number to contact your business, then they don't have to click through to your website to find contact details – the information can be stored in your Google My Business listing. This means that when your company name is searched, key information will be provided instantly.

Most businesses nowadays have a website (or will at least provide an accessible form of social media for consumers to connect with) – it’s a portfolio for your services. In today's media-focused culture, most customers are highly likely to search for your company online. So, why don't you make a good impression? Make your website stand out from the crowd. Start your online journey with us today.